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So Myra and I were having a conversation Monday and we came upon the topic of information. Information used to be power. Everyone remembers the old commercials, “The more you know” and “Knowledge is power” were campy but they were right at the time. Are they still accurate?

I want to believe so, but I don’t want to think that I troll the Internet (as Myra so gently put it) for information so that I may have power. She suggested that I am waiting for my epiphany and I agreed at the time, unwillingly so but I did. And perhaps this is true, I am searching for a way to put all of this wonderful and somewhat useless information together into the most magnificent view of the future anyone has ever created. Really?

Now that I think about it, I am searching for information and ways to create my own epiphany. Forget stumbling into an epiphany… let’s just create one. But is it an epiphany that is set out by the original person or does it just then become a goal in their life along the way? Anyway… so I guess I’m asking for some help. Epiphanies or any sort of help possible. We’ll see.

I’ve been stalling out lately… running into issues while switching hosts and service plans, consequently my forum and blog will be switched to subdomains of my website as soon as I get it all worked out.


I am beginning a forum on my website ( and it will have mostly reviews of techie photo stuff. I hope to have it up and running by the end of the weekend. First review to come will be a review of Nikon Capture NX. I have been trying to use the software as fully as possible and I think it will be a great technology but needs some serious work. This review might be up by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Another topic for discussion will surely be the web contextually. My friend Daniella at RISD was teaching a class called “Myspace or Your space?” dealing with online communities and their cultural context and relevance to the art community. Maybe she can join the discussion.


So over the past couple of days I’ve really been wondering whether or not a blog actually has an active role in discussion/conversation. Most people use a blog as a place to say what they want hoping (sometimes) that other people might hear. People also just say/write (I suppose writing is a more accurate term) what they want because it is an active release.

But then there are blogs that almost act as forums… ideas are put forward and comments are written with continual rebuttals and such. Now to me, this formula or concept of a blog seems to be a much more idealistic and academic pursuit of a blog. So what are we doing with blogs? Pursuing knowledge through discussion and debate or putting things onto the Internet thinking that maybe one day they might get seen?

I suppose we could be doing all of this but really I’m curious to know if all of this is going somewhere. If Internet debate will eventually lead to some form of higher thought and evolution in mankind through technology. Isn’t technology supposed to be aiding us in that? The goal of technology as Pavel put it was to create infinitely self-reproducing technology, but why do we want self-reproducing technology? Is it so that we don’t have to think anymore? Where would self-automated technology that can spawn itself get us? Would it lead to a world where humans are purely leisurely beings unless they choose to be? If higher thought (mathematically and scientifically and maybe one day artistically?) is achieved by machinery that thinks on its own, what are we good for? This seems like a really silly “rantesque” thing right now, but I am hoping that I have put forth some things that other people will be interested in.

Here are some things that many photographers think they understand but I doubt that they understand the technical side of things. So, to resolve the illiteracy of photographers here are some helpful tech links.

Noise conceptually

Restoration technically

Good book to read in spare time if interested.

Maybe Apple won’t be releasing an “iPhone”… Cisco is suing them for the trademark.

We’ll see.

So Myra was asking about what is new and so cool in Adobe CS3 that will hopefully be released in the end of the first quarter 2007 or early second quarter. Well here are my answers….

Really rad news from Apple at today’s MacWorld Keynote speech by Steve Jobs.

First – The new iPhone
Secondly, and what I think is more important in the immediate future – AppleTV
Third – Apple has upgraded the Airport Extreme, faster more amazing knock your socks off wireless capabilities (ties right in to the new AppleTV).

Another rad article I found was about a new development of 300nm fiber optic coax, which means that we can send information over coax cable at 90% the speed of light (read this article for a more detailed explanation of what this really means… aka why light won’t travel at the speed of light due to interference and refractions etc.)

Quite possibly the best news any nerd can hear is even less download time which means even more time wasted sitting in front of a computer (less time to go get coffee while waiting for things to download/upload).

I’m sure I’ll find more but here is a start.

So this is the destruction of my leg…


Well I’ve been up to no good, I’ll make a real post tomorrow night/Thursday when I get back to Rochester for a brief moment. Lots of film to process, but not until next week.

I messed up my leg pretty well, but it will heal. A picture will also follow.

Saw some of Simon’s play over the break and it’s looking promising. Perhaps we need to create a more refined hole or think about using a Lens Baby with a custom made cover. That could offer more promise giving that the focal length is much easier to work with in order to produce a sharper image. I’ll find some info on the hole size required and then post that too.

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